Claims Against Employers

Claims Against Employers

New mothers are facing increasing discrimination when they take maternity leave with incidents of everything from being made redundant to being switched to zero-hour contracts. Citizens Advice have recorded an almost 60% increase in the number of women seeking their advice about maternity leave issues between June last year and this. Legally, women have additional protection from losing their jobs, having their hours changed or having their responsibility reduced as a result of having pregnancy. Please Contact us on 01483751878 if you feel you are affected by these issues.

Claims at the Employment Tribunal

We can provide full employment tribunal advice both before any claim may have been made and also after proceeding have in fact been issued. We can deal with all third parties and courts on your behalf regarding the litigation process and would keep you fully informed as your claim progressed.

Your first meeting with us for employment law matters a free 30 minute consultation. There is no need to attend our offices!

There are strict deadlines within which you have to comply should you wish to make a claim against your employer. The most common claims are for unfair dismissal or discrimination. Contact us today and do not delay.

Bringing a claim against your employer

If you believe you have a claim against your employer we offer a free 30 minute advice session to review your circumstances.

We work under conditional fee agreements for qualifying cases

If we believe you have a genuine claim we will assess whether or not you qualify for our conditional fee service. You may also qualify for fee remission (exemption from paying the courts fees) to lodge the claim and the fees for subsequent hearings.