Contract Negotiation

Negotiating your contract of employment


It is often said that there is an unequal bargaining power between an employee and their potential employer in contractual negotiations.

To some extent, this is true but, regardless of the stage of employment that you are at – whether you are about to take a job or you are in work – it is open to you to negotiate the terms of your contract.

This could be in the form of your salary or, if you have been employed for a continuous period of 26 weeks, then it could be by submitting a flexible working request to perhaps change your working hours or where you work (i.e. from home rather than from the office).

We can assist when you are deciding if you are going to accept a new offer of employment. When and if you are offered a new contract, there is no obligation on you to accept the terms as drafted or proposed. You will have the opportunity to enter into possible negotiations with your prospective new employer and we can provide advice to help guide you in order to reach the most advantageous contract for you.

We can also advise you on your flexible working rights, your options and the best way in which to present your flexible working request to your employer.