Contract Termination

Negotiating the end of your contract of employment

When a contract of employment comes to an end there is no reason why you as an employee cannot enter into negotiations with your employer, regarding the terms of any proposed settlement. Indeed in many instances it is the employer who initiates this. We can provide advice as to what you are legally entitled to and also to the merits and reasonableness of any proposed offer relating to the ending of your contract of employment.

Our current fees for providing a certificate of advice to employees for Settlement Agreements are as follows;

Standard Settlement agreement we anticipate our fee to be £450 plus VAT.

For any other agreements we can discus the fee structure with you.

Often an employer will agree to make a contribution towards your legal fees for entering into a settlement agreement to compromise all claims you have for past present and future grievances against it. The legal fees contribution will be offset against the above charges and you will remain liable to pay the difference.

The above fees are subject to our client care letter and full terms and conditions of business and do not include our hourly charging rate should you wish to negotiate the terms of settlement with your employer.