Employment Disputes

Employment Disputes
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Employment Disputes

We can act on your behalf should you need to respond to an employee's claim against your business. You do not have to use the solicitors or claims company your legal expenses insurer lists as their preferred supplier.

Unfair Dismissal, Equal Pay EAT Appeals

Despite the fact that it is usually in the best interest of both employer and employee to negotiate a settlement as to any dispute over employment, sometimes there is no other recourse than the final arbitor of your dispute to be the judgement of the employment tribunals.

Therefore the sooner the settlement process is started the better. We encourage the involvement of The Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS). Knowing when negotiations are to be made without prejudice can be the key to a successful outcome.

It is important to be aware that some statutory employment rights are only available after a qualifying period of continuous employment. Once the decision to claim has been made, we can identify the information and evidence you will need in order to fight your case. We can represent you, and/or engage specialist employment law barristers to act on your behalf in the employment tribunals.