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Employment Lawyers Surrey

Ensuring that your employment rights are met can be challenging at the best of times.

With the added complication of Covid-19, as an employee, you can face being ordered more than asked to comply with your employer’s requests, from salary cuts to being placed on furlough leave or on the Job Support Scheme.

Meeting your financial responsibilities and making sure your employer’s actions are legally correct, requires expert advice from a knowledgeable solicitor.

We can provide up to date advice and help you deal with any employment issues (whether or not these are influenced by Covid-19) efficiently and effectively.

Why TP Legal?

With a track record of successfully bringing claims against employers, we can assure you of considered and effective legal support.

We can also help with:

• Representing you in the courts and tribunals

• Advising you on unfair dismissal

• Advising you on Settlement Agreements and providing the legal adviser’s certificate to confirm that this has been done

• Advising you on your rights under the Furlough Scheme and the Job Support Scheme

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