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Employment Rights

Understanding your rights during employment

There is a huge raft of employment legislation and, even though it can be considered that the only potential claims available to an employee are of unfair dismissal and discrimination, the law is far more extensive than that.

It is quite simply difficult to find any aspect of the employer / employee relationship that is not in some way legally protected, from your rights upon being recruited as an employee all of the way through to the end of your employment, however that might arise. To provide a small snapshot of the sorts of matters that can arise during your employment, your employment encompasses the following:-

  • Your right to receive a written contract of employment;
  • Your right to be paid for the work that you perform and, alongside that, your right not to have deductions made unlawfully from your pay or if you have not agreed that your employer can make certain deductions from your pay. This also includes your right to receive a written breakdown of your pay;
  • The lawful limits surrounding the number of hours that you work;
  • Your rights as an expectant or new parent;
  • Your rights as a fixed-term or part-time employee;
  • Your rights during grievance and disciplinary procedures;
  • Your rights if you are sick and unable to work;
  • Your rights if your employer is concerned about your capability and/or qualifications for your role or your ability to perform your role;
  • Your right to “blow the whistle” on your employer if you feel that they are doing something wrong;
  • Your right to feel safe at work;
  • Your right to join a trade union if you wish to and, conversely, not to feel pressured into joining a trade union if you do not wish to;
  • Your right not to be treated unfairly, victimised, harassed or discriminated against;
  • Your rights if you employment is being transferred from one employer to another under the TUPE Regulations;
  • Your right (after having been employed for 2 continuous years by the same employer) to be provided with written reasons if you are being dismissed;
  • Your right, if you are dismissed, to be dismissed in accordance with the terms set out in your contract of employment;
  • Your right (if you have 2 or more years of continuous service with the same employer) not to be dismissed in an unfair manner (unless dismissing you would be automatically unfair in certain circumstances);
  • Your rights if your employer is considering making your role redundant; and
  • Your ability to bring a claim in an employment tribunal and the relevant processes associated with that.


If you are unhappy with any aspect of your working conditions or relationship with your employer we can provide advice as to the best way forward in order to resolve any difficulties that you may be experiencing.