Job Support Scheme Agreements

Further to the announcement on 31 October 2020 that a further lockdown will take effect and that furlough leave will be extended into December 2020, resulting in the Job Support Scheme being postponed, it may seem that the Job Support Scheme is of little importance.

However, it is likely that, pending the outcome of plans relating to the second lockdown, the Job Support Scheme is likely to be the route forward when it comes to supporting your employees financially in the future. Therefore, it may be a good idea to start planning ahead of schedule for this contingency, rather than relying on furlough leave being extended again.

Originally due to start from 1 November 2020 (but postponed due to the second lockdown), the Job Support Scheme is a distinct area of law to the furlough leave scheme.

It is intended to protect those jobs that remain viable despite the impact of Covid-19 and will only apply where employers are in a position to guarantee at least 20% of an employee’s usually working hours. An employer will only be required to contribute 5% towards an employee’s unworked hours.

Aside from this, where a business is required to close owing to restrictions arising from the bid to slow or prevent the spread of Covid-19 and where an employee has been unable to work for 7 or more consecutive days because of this, the government has also announced that it will pay that employee’s salary up to a maximum of £2,100 per month.


As with furlough leave, we can assist employers in working through the means of selecting which of their employees should be placed on the Job Support Scheme (where the business is not closed due to restrictions). It is important to consider who you may be placing on the Scheme and why very carefully to avoid potential future claims.

We can also assist with drafting the relevant paperwork so that you can agree the employee’s terms and conditions of employment with them, including their right to pay, during any period that they are placed on the Job Support Scheme.

Bespoke letters can be drafted

We act for employers seeking to place their employees or PAYE workers on the Job Support Scheme in order to save viable jobs by taking the grant.

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