Lasting Powers of Attorney

Making a Lasting Power of Attorney or Registering an Enduring Power of Attorney

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We all place importance on making provision for our affairs post death, but what about if you lose capacity to make decisions during your lifetime? A Power of Attorney is a document which allows your trusted family members or friends to sign documents and make decisions on your behalf in the event that you are no longer able to make these decisions yourself.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

This is the older version of a Lasting Power of Attorney, which can no longer be made. Once a person has lost capacity Attorneys under an Enduring Power of Attorney will need to register the EPA, whether or not they had previously been using it to help manage that person's affairs. 

Lasting Powers of Attorney

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney; Health and Welfare, and Property and Financial affairs.  Lasting Powers of Attorney give a person you trust the legal ability to make decisions on your behalf if you lose mental capacity, or simply want someone to handle certain matters on your behalf. Lasting Powers of Attorney can only be made whilst you still have capacity and are a safeguard for the future, ensuring that there will be someone you trust able to act in your best interests in the event that you do lose capacity.

Court of Protection and Deputyship Orders

You may know someone who is having difficulties making decisions about their personal health, finance or welfare, but there is no form of Power of Attorney in place. In this case an application to the Court of Protection would need to be made to allow you to make the necessary decisions to best take care of their personal finances, health and welfare.

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