Price Transparency Rules

We publish our prices in line with SRA requirements

Residential Conveyancing

TP Legal improves its service for its clients in line with requirements of SRA therefore we publish our prices below.

Please ensure you always contact us in relation to the legal work that you require to be carried out.

The indicative cost of residential conveyancing services when working on an average, uncomplicated case

Every property is different therefore this is only an estimate of how much the property conveyancing charge would be. Every property sale or purchase is truly unique so we ask you to always telephone or email us in order to receive an exact quote for your particular property matter.

Having said that, our indicative prices start at around £950 plus vat and may vary upwards depending on a complexity of your matter. You can calculate the average price of our conveyancing service using our online calculator.

TP Legal provides its clients with experienced solicitors, director solicitors, paralegals and trainee Solicitors, all of whom have relevant experience in dealing with conveyancing transactions..


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties.

Following is listing the average costs of Disbursements:

  • Land Registry Official Copies: £3 to no limit.
  • Land Registry registration fees: Typically £0 to £910.
  • Searches: Average £250 to £650
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax: £0 to no limit.

All fees may be subject to VAT charge.

There might be other additional disbursments that may vary in cost however if this happens we will inform you prior to this.

Most our fees and disbursments are subject to VAT. Currently 20%.

The estimated fees above include all work carried out from start to the finalisation of your case.

There are no other applicable fees.

Private Wealth - Administration of Estates

As an SRA authorised firm we now publish price information for our typical services.

These figures are indication only as the complexity of every case varies and we provide bespoke service on individual basis.

Please always telephone or email us to confirm fees in relation to your particular work.

Probate work can be varied and each case is very different depending on the assets involved, and on the family circumstance or the terms of the Will.


If we obtain sufficient information about the case we are able to offer a fixed fee. Average fee is hard to establish as mentioned above, the probate work varies in complexity. However fees could range from £2,500 to £100,000. Once you have been offered fixed fee for your probate work this is in many cases final cost of our service however if any further complications arise during working on your probate case we will inform you immediately as soon as we have a knowledge of it and discuss with you any increase in cost of our service that may arise as a directly result of the circumstances surrounding your case.
Whilst we charge the fixed fee for the probate work service, we can also consider hourly rates for your work, which may vary between £150 and £650 plus vat depending on experience of our Solicitor/case worker.

Estate Administration

The average time spent on the admnistration of an estate is approximately 10 hours from collecting assets, paying debts, distribution of the etstae and completing and submitting an inheritance tax return.

Where the estate includes a property we reserve the right to quote an additional 0.75% plus vat on the value of the property.

Obtaining the grant of probate

We currently charge a one off fixed fee of £540 plus vat for drafting the oath for application for a grant of probate.

Experience and qualifications:

We have a team of qualified staff whose charges vary with their experience. We employ paralegals, legal executives, trainee solicitors, and solicitors.

Average costs and disbursements:

Probate cost of application is £155 if made by us and the estate is worth more than £5,000.

The fee for swearing an executor’s oath is £5 (£2 on top for a will and £2 for codicil).

Other professionals may be involved in this type of work, such as those who value stocks and share of real estates and their fees may vary.

Our fees and disbursements attract VAT, which is currently at 20%.

We list the details of what services are included in the price displayed, including the stages of the matter and approximate timescales for each stage,

and details of any services that might reasonably be expected to be included in the price displayed but are not:

Our fee estimates include all work anticipated from the start of the probate process until either the grant of probate or the transfer of assets to those entitled. We offer clarity to our clients and make sure which basis applies. Where possible, we give estimates for additional advice that may be required regarding taxation, property, e.g. disputes).

Conditional fees and damage based agreements:
Not applicable for the above work