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TP Legal has vast experience, combined with an ability to think laterally and produce creative solutions, producing bespoke estate-planning solutions worked to meet a range of objectives, including reducing inheritance tax, safeguarding family wealth and guaranteeing individuals’ assets pass to the right people.

The effects of not making a Will can be distressing for those left behind, both emotionally and financially.

Making a considered and legally sound Will allows you to:


  • Guarantee that those left behind are properly looked after
  • Choose the right guardians for your dependents or children under the age of 18
  • Reduce tax liabilities for the beneficiaries of your Will after you have died.
  • Determine who should receive your personal items that have sentimental value rather than have your possessions all being treated in the same way.
  • Make a funeral plan designed around your wishes.
  • Have peace of mind that you have personally chosen an Executor that you trust to perform your wishes.
  • Avoid family disputes by making your wishes clear.


If you die without making a will, the Intestacy laws decide who receives your estate, and this can result in your property passing to people that you would otherwise have excluded; it can also result in beneficiaries that you would like to favour receiving smaller legacies that you would otherwise wish.

Another substantial benefit of having a Will is that you can arrange the division of your estate in such a way as to ensure that you are reducing your Inheritance Tax liability. Inheritance Tax is currently payable at 40% of the value of everything you own over £325,000.

At TP Legal, we are proud to offer clear and unambiguous advice. We also advise on the benefit of more complicated estate planning measures.

Our expert will writing solicitors can advise you on making a Will or updating your existing Will. We participate in Will Aid and Free wills month. Obtain Online Will Quote or contact at 01483 751878 today.

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