Our specialist licensing services are well regarded. Tariq Phillips has successfully applied for premises and wedding licences without representation for the Hilton Hotel Group. If you need assistance with making application for a premises licence and/or a wedding venue licence our typical fees are set out below.

Please email Tariq at or call him on 01483 668820 to make a specific enquiry.

Premises licences applications

Premises Licence

There are likely to be three stages in respect of the application:-

1. New Licence Application – No Representations

We can offer a fixed fee for preparing the application for the premises licence of £1,500 +VAT and disbursements. This is on the basis of a straightforward review of the licence application plans, drafting the application and submission and general management of the application through the process and the application not being subject to representations.

The next two stages will depend on whether any representations are received and their complexity and volume of work involved, therefore it is a bit difficult to provide a definitive estimate at this stage.

2. Application resolved despite representations and without a hearing.

If we receive relatively straight forward representations from the responsible authorities which are capable of being dealt with by phone/email on the agreement of additional licensing conditions we would charge an additional £200 plus vat per hour and disbursements.

3. Attendance at hearing

If the matter is contentious and requires a hearing before the licensing committee we would engage the services of a suitably qualified licensing law barrister whose charges are typically £3,000 plus vat for attendance at a Licensing Committee/Sub-committee Hearing. Our fees for attendance at a full day hearing (including preparation) would probably be an additional £1000 plus vat and disbursements.

In addition:-

 If there are additional meetings required with the police/local authority these will be charged in addition. Video cons would probably be in the region of £100 plus vat an hour, we typically charge £400 plus vat for site attendance.

The application fee payable to the local authority depends on the rateable value of the premises (assuming NDV of £125K+ would be £635 and there would be advertising cost (newspaper and posters) at about £150 +VAT and recorded postal fees).


Wedding Venue Licence applications

The submission of the licence application can be achieved at a fixed fee of £750 + VAT assuming that the application is not contested and does not require a hearing. If there are any additional meetings required (which again is unlikely then again Video cons would probably be in the region of £100 plus vat an hour, site attendance will be £400 plus vat plus travel disbursements).

The application fee will depend upon the number of rooms to be approved for Marriage ceremonies and is charged at £2100 and each additional room thereafter is an additional £260 ASSUME 3. Bear in mind it is not possible to add rooms during the approval process but additional rooms can be added on renewal of the licence.

If any fees are likely to be incurred outside of the above fee structure, we will of course advise you before incurring any additional fees so that you may make an informed decision on how you would like to proceed. Any additional work that we perform on your behalf will be charged at a concessionary hourly rate of £100 plus VAT (usually £200 plus vat per hour). Alternatively, depending on the type and complexity of work to be performed, we may be able to agree a further fixed fee for this work. We will keep you advised of the costs in your matter on a regular basis.