Claims Against Employers

Claims Against Employers


Between April and June 2020, the employment tribunal recorded an increase of 18% of claims being received when compared to April to June 2019. HM Courts & Tribunals Service attributed this rise to the amount of job losses during the COVID-19 lockdown and the impact that Coronavirus has had on working methods. The highest mean average tribunal award was £38,794 for age discrimination. However, this is not to say that those figures eclipse the other claims that employees bring against their employers for improper treatment every day.

We advise employees on their full employment rights both during and after their employment, as well as any associated compensation that they might be entitled to.

Please contact us on 01483 751878 if you feel that your rights as an employee or a worker are being negatively impacted.

Claims at the Employment Tribunal

We can provide full employment tribunal advice both before any claim has been made and also after you have brought a claim. We can deal with all third parties (including your employer’s legal representatives, the employment tribunal and the courts) on your behalf regarding the litigation process and we will keep you fully informed as your claim progresses.

Your first meeting with us for employment law matters will be a free 30 minute consultation. There is no need to attend our offices!

If you believe you have a claim against your employer we offer a free 30 minute advice session to review your circumstances.

Bringing a claim against your employer

There are strict deadlines that you must comply with to be able to bring a claim against your employer. The most common claims are for unfair dismissal or discrimination.

Contact us today and do not delay.

Legal expenses insurance

If you have a policy of car insurance or home insurance, then it is always open to you to contact your insurer to see if you have legal expenses insurance attached to that policy. Your insurer should be able to identify whether that insurance cover might be used to fund your employment tribunal or court claim.

You do not necessarily have to instruct the solicitor or claims company that your insurer directs you to. We are happy to work with insurers when it comes to representing you and, therefore, if you would like to instruct us, please feel free to suggest us to your insurer.

We work under conditional fee agreements for qualifying cases

If we believe that you have a genuine claim that is likely to succeed in the employment tribunal, we will assess whether or not you qualify for our conditional fee service (also known as “no win, no fee”).

It is important to note that employment tribunal fees do not apply at present. This means that you do not need to pay to start a claim at the tribunal, although solicitors and barristers are still entitled to charge legal fees for representing you, unless you qualify for a conditional fee arrangement. Click here for further information on our likely fees for representing you in relation to claims of unfair dismissal and/or wrongful dismissal.

Court fees may, however, become payable if your claim is one that can only be raised in the civil courts and not in the employment tribunal (such as breach of contract claims where the value that you are claiming is less than £10,000).